Sunday, September 17, 2017

Goodwill Power!

Anthony Robbins Personal Power II: The Driving Force
For those of you who don't know, Tony Robbins is an author and motivational speaker known for his self-help books and other products. If you visit the store on his website, you'll note that they all seem a bit expensive. However, I grew up seeing him on QVC, listening to callers sharing how his material changed their lives — they quit smoking and drinking and fixed their relationship issues and got amazing careers that actually motivated them do achieve meaningful success in life (not to mention huge incomes). Even as a child, I was curious as to just how much of those testimonials genuine, but I couldn't bring myself to even attempt to get my family to shell out the hundreds of dollars, especially in 1990's money, to buy a set of his tapes. Now, for only $2.99, thanks to the miracle of thrift stores, I have a copy of "Personal Power II: The Driving Force," from way back when he was still Anthony Robbins. I figure, "What do I have to lose?" Here's to listening to tape one….

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