Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quitting Facebook

Here's the short of it: I'm quitting Facebook. I've told many of the people I know why I don't like the way Facebook has behaved in relation to privacy over the last few years and why I think it's approach to open standards is a bad thing. To prove a point, I've gone so far as to change my habits so that I am no longer pushing any original content into Facebook, and everything there is public.

Now a new sore has festered; I'm also perturbed by the simple fact that people expect me to use it as obsessively as they do. So, from their perspective, I never have any idea what's going on around me because instead of spending hours glued to Facebook, pouring over the effluvia of inane, quotidian minutia pouring out of the lives of people I'm only tangentially connected to in the first place, I actually have a life to live. So, if you want to know more about what's wrong with Facebook and privacy, check out this nifty info graphic here, and read the articles linked from


I had forgotten just how distasteful things like Facebook could be.

Deactivating Facebook