Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day Three — Journaling

Today's session discussed the power of associations in effecting human behavior in both positive and negative ways and the impact that repeated exposure to associations, such as in advertising, can have on long-term behavior.

Today's assignment is simply to list three associations that have had significant, positive, and empowering effects in my life and three that have had significant, negative, and disempowering effects in my life.

Positive Associations:

  1. Learning is good for its own sake.
  2. Giving to others is its own reward.
  3. Helping others through pain brings self-healing.
Negative Associations:
  1. Food is life.
  2. Water is what poor people drink, especially tap water, because tap water is disgusting.
  3. Exercise is painful.
They may be slight oversimplifications, but I think that covers the basic idea of this exercise. If nothing else, it has made me think about what associations I have that are driving my actions to this day.

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