Friday, June 22, 2007

Ok, so I started this as a sort of vanity blog in the VERY early days of blogging. I have since attempted to make blogging a regular activity in one way or another and have yet to truly succeed. All along, I've had this URL -- and blog -- sitting here, inactive, awaiting a sort of techno-resurrection. Now I think I may have one: It seems the wonderful news service offers the ability to automatically post story information to a blog. In many ways, this will mark a return to what Web-logs were all about in the beginning: a simple collection of interesting links. However, I'm hoping to editorialize while I'm at it. :-) Now, I just need to change the awful! template I had at the time I stopped using this -- orange never really was my favorite color, include AdSense ads, and add some links between my other blogs, including my stuttering book review, Cave ab homine unius libri!.