Sunday, September 17, 2017

Day One — Journaling

One of the key features of the program seems to be practicing journaling, including an exercise from each tape that's supposed to be worked through in the journal each day. The first one is to make two decisions that will immediately generate a benefit in your life. Since I'm a person with little in the way of personal space, I might as well do the exercises in public. The hard part for me with this one is picking two things; I feel like I have too many options for things that need to be done that I've been putting off. Since he said to keep it simple though, I'll try to settle on two things that I can do right now.

  1. Take my fiber supplements every day as I should be, despite the fact that it tastes like rancid orange juice. (And possibly find a better source of unflavored psyllium husk fiber in the future.)
  2. I'm going to share my successes and failures publicly, because I know that even if I'm shouting into the Void of the Internet, someone out there might hear me and learn from my experiences. Therefore, the chance that my actions may motivate someone else will be a better motivation than even my own betterment to continue through this program.
Since he suggested decisions that could be taken now, I've begun by writing this journal entry publicly. Now, I'm going to go drink a big glass of knock off Metamucil.

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