Monday, March 31, 2008

Dell Responds

It seems that Dell has opted to respond to Apple MacBook Air not with a new super-light portable but with the production of the world's most spacious envelop. Perhaps they will make the super envelopes available sans PC, and I can finally store all of the strange cables and adapter doohickeys I've accumulated over all the years I've been collecting technology antiques.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Get Lamp Trailer (Early 2008)

Finally, a documentary about some of the most ingenious games ever crafted!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nintendo Big Band - Super Mario Bros.

Found via Destructoid, this video reveals the lyrics to the classic theme that so many of us have permanently etched into our brains. Click through for the lyrics in English.

Four Hour Work Week with Timothy Ferriss

Veronica Belmont interviews Timothy Ferriss of _Four Hour Work Week_ fame. I really like the suggestions he offers in this video.

Raining McCain

Compared to the Obama Girl video, these girls are not nearly as sexy, but will they lack there, they more than make up for in bizarre.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Salvador Dali on "What's My Line"

This is perhaps the best guest I have ever seen on "What's My Line." The fact that this becomes something of a surreal endeavor befits Mr. Dali perfectly. I wonder how this show would play out with the celebrities of today.

TSA Blogger Bob

I can understand the Government wanting to be a part of the new world of the Internet, but this is simply proving the incompetence of our government. Also, how can an X-ray image be sensitive information? Basic physics dictates that the results should be a density map of the contents of the object in question. Therefore, a person with Photoshop or the GIMP and the freely available images of the MacBook Air's internals could construe a reasonable facsimile of an X-ray sans equipment. Also, anyone can get a pretty good look at the results of an airport X-ray scan while at an airport.


This is just creepy.

Ten really useless items

While I've never been that keen on spreading "Top 10 " lists, I think this one deserves mention because of the point it ultimately makes about the essentially empty and evanescent nature of our extremely materialistic consumer culture.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Star Wars vs. Saul Bass

This is one of the wittiest Star Wars makeovers I've seen in some time. It leaves me wondering what would come of applying this sort of aesthetic to the three new films as a whole. (It couldn't be much worse than it already is, and if there is a chance of Jar Jar meeting a timely and comedic end in some sort of construed, abstract death trap, all the better.)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Supermarket Dominoes

So this is what all those stock boys are doing in all-night supermarkets in out-of-the-way locations that get no traffic. I wonder if it was just workers playing around or an official event. I just wish I could understand what they are saying and recognize some of the brands. Also, if anyone knows what supermarket chain this is, I'd love to know.

Bioshock reviewed by ZeroPunctuation

This is possibly the best review of Bioshock I've seen yet. I was promised so much when this game was in development, but so much of the games potential seems to have been lost in order to bring it to the consoles. Also, the hacking system is both annoying and simple at the same time; the only punishment it offers can be completely mitigated via obsessive saving. Also, the commentary on the two outcomes does point to a decline in the quality of games these days. I will forever stand in awe at the number of ending Riven possesses; only recently did I discover that I had missed several of them after having replayed the game multiple times over the years.

Friday, March 14, 2008

20 Insane Supervillain Schemes In Flowchart Form

I love flow charts as much as the next guy, but sometimes it's best to just not ask how things are supposed to work. These provide perfect examples of such situations.

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Toward Cheaper, Robust Solar Cells

This looks like a promising new technology. If we had photovoltaic cells that could reach just twenty percent accuracy, we'd finally be able to justify the price of installing panels everywhere.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Universe in Under Four Minutes

This short video from the History Channel covers the history of the Universe in under four minutes. I discovered it when it made it to the front page of digg today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Google Drive killer coming from MIT Startup

Ok, so I've used software before that claimed to do all this and more, but none of it worked all that well -- this was especially true of the free, online drive programs available in the nineties. Hopefully this will work out better than those pre-bubble ones. Also, Microsoft Sky Drive is something to look into for a current take on this sort of thing.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Twitter Feed

I just added my Twitter feed to the sidebar. This seemed like the next logical step since I have Twitter pushing into almost everywhere else I have a web presence. I wonder how this will affect the ads that Google is displaying here.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Intel builds 100,000 45 nm CPUs - every day

While I've always been a supporter of AMD, I must admit that Intel is the more promising of the two companies at the moment. I'm impressed by the performance I get out of my new Mac Pro, and I'm certainly looking forward to the day when Intel can integrate more special-purpose cores into Nehalem. I think the re-merging of CPU and GPU hardware is just the beginning of a wonderful future.

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