Monday, November 11, 2019

221 B Baker Street for the Commodore 64

This is a play through of “221B Baker St.” for the Commodore 64 by Datasoft. It was developed by Intellicreations and Pacific Softech, based on the board game by Jay Moriarty. Design work was done by Jeff Harth, John P. Sohl, and Steven Duboff. It features graphics by Todd J. Camasta and speech synthesis by Electronic Speech Systems. There is a trademark from Antler Productions.

The game requires additional material from the manual and the casebook that would have been included with the game or the optional set of additional scenarios. Scans of these can be found at: They are from the DOS and Atari versions, but the contents are the same.

The game open with a cractro by Triad. Emulation was done with VICE64 on a Mac and captured using OBS. The D64 can be found at:

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