Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UQ Does God Exist? UBC pt1.

The following was prompted by a link to this video in a friend's facebook wall comments. In continuing my present position as regards putting any significant, original content into facebook, I am posting my response, along with the embedded video here.

Some of his Physics is a bit off, but given that it's the somewhat exotic side of Quantum Mechanics that he's botching, it's easily forgiven. Also, he's arguably dancing around the chance issue, c.f. "if it didn't happen, we couldn't be here to ask how it all happened." (There is a specific term for this problem, but I cannot recall it at the moment.) He's missing the Double Slit Experiment from Quantum Mechanics as well. Also, as far as the Internet is concerned, he looses around 4:50 in part two due to Godwin's Law -- (also, Reductio ad Hitlerum).

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