Sunday, October 14, 2007


I couldn't sleep -- not unusual, and I was reading through my backlog of RSS feeds -- also quite common, and I came across this post on the Google Operating System blog discussing the availability of new video units with AdSense on YouTube!. After poking around through the links in the post, I came across an older one that mentioned the ability to link Google accounts with YouTube! accounts -- something I had wanted to be able to do for some time now, and I found myself poking around in my YouTube! account setting. I discovered I can upload a video from my cell phone, and it even works correctly with Sprint's mangled support for MMS that keeps it from working properly with almost any sort of web service targeted at getting images and video from one's cell phone to the Interweb. Well, enough digression... What resulted is this:

While I've still don't know if having videos automatically show up as a blog post is possible, I bet someone has already solved this problem. I can at least put the nifty player below on my blog somewhere on my blog and have it display videos as I post them.

Admittedly, I should apoligise for subjecting unsuspecting internet users to my ugly mug, but hey... it could be worse; at least I'm not ranting about gay sex or something much, much more bizarre -- WARNING! -- NSFW -- or for sanity for that matter.

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