Thursday, May 03, 2001

Well, where to start...

Standardisedtesting continues. I am still in the room of my favorite teacher and loving every day of it. (There is a break from testing tomorow, though, and we have to return to our orrigional room. :( ) I am now helping the aforementioned teacher install Linux on the older computers that she accuired through a new program in the are that helps corporations get tax deductions by donating old PCs to schools. This organization, forgot the name right now, dosen't accept the donation, but, rather, serves as a middleman, connecting corporations with schools. It gets business a 100% tax write-off if the PC is new enough. (I think that it has to be less than one or two years old for that.) There is a bracked scale with deduction amount decreasing as the PC ages. I think that this new program will allow schools in the are that cannot afford new technology finally get back into the technological revolution, just as schools were in the 70's with Apples and Commodores.

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